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Tips To Save Energy To Make Your Air Conditioner Efficient

Conservation is a must if you want to make your air conditioner to function its best. Here are a few simple, basic tips that you can use to save energy. - Try and keep all the doors and windows shut when the air conditioner is in operation. - The filters should be cleaned on a regular basis. - If a particular room is not being used it is a good idea to keep the door of that room closed so that the area being cooled is minimized to a great extent. You do not need to cool the air in the room that you are not presently using.

- The external section of the air conditioner is the compressor. Remember to place it where it is not openly exposed to bright sunlight. The unit should also have proper flow of air all around it. - The thermostat should be ideally set between 24 degrees to 27 degrees centigrade. Every 1-degree decrease in temperature increases the running cost by approximately 15%.

- Try to reduce the amount of heat that is entering the place. This can be done putting shades on the different walls and windows. You can also insulate the ceilings and the walls and seal all the draughts. Tips to save both money and energy Air conditioners and evaporative coolers help to save costs and energy to a great extent. Besides this it can also reduce the hazards of greenhouse pollution.

- Buying a unit that has a motorized self- closing winter seal is a good idea. This is because it helps to reduce the loss of heat during the winter season. You can also cover duct units on the roof and the ceiling vents. - The fan should be running at top speed for the cooling effect to be the most.

This highest setting should be maintained. - During the days when the humidity in the air is very high, the water supply to the cooler should be turned off and the fans made to run. - Keep the manufacturer's instructions in mind when you need to repair the system. - The use of multi- speed fans is helpful because it helps you to select high speeds for faster circulation of cool air.

- The directional louvers should be set upwards or horizontally towards the ceiling so that it assists in cooling. - Switch on the system only when you require it. It is hardly of any use if you make it run throughout the entire night or during the time when you are out of doors and not using it. This will help you to get the maximum benefit from your system.

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