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Canopies are Helpful for Outdoor Events

Most canopies are found in flea markets or art shows, which use them for making quick and temporary stalls. A canopy is basically a tent with no sides, and a top layer supported by poles on the sides. Canopies are also used as portable tents for purposes such as outdoor wedding receptions, picnics, and other temporary needs. A canopy is used for making portable structures, is usually preferred in white color, and is made of acrylic material.

White is preferred mainly due to weather reasons. Summer is usually the time of the year when an outdoor wedding reception or party is arranged, and one does not wish to sweat and suffer under a black colored canopy material. In South American and South Asian countries, dark colored and multi colored garments are appreciated and worn by many people, with not many restrictions on season based dress color codes.

Considering this, the portable canopy used in these countries will hence appear in multiple colors, sometimes with dark colors being prominent. Acrylic is the recommended material for a portable canopy because of its ability to withstand different weather conditions, and easy maintenance. Other optional features that can be added to a portable canopy are an awning to add beauty and define the front opening, and netted mesh. Netted mesh is mostly used in camping situations as a material to be used for the walls to allow air and light in, and keep insects out. Canopies have been in use for a long time and were mainly used by travelers and adventure seekers.

Canopy is derived from a French word called 'conope' which means bed curtain. This is also similar to the Latin word 'conopeum' which means couch with a mosquito protection. Canopy bed is actually an old form of furniture, which is still being considered traditional furniture.

This is also called a four-poster bed, and has a tall post at each of the four corners. These posts support a covering that is made of netting or other thinner and softer material. Originally canopy furniture was created to serve the purpose of a bed, as well as help avoid insects and other small reptiles from harming the person sleeping within the canopy bed.

In later years the roof was made out of acrylic or other clothing material, and canopy furniture was retained to serve the purpose of privacy. Apart from serving as private chambers for somebody who sleeps inside, canopy furniture also helps in weathering the hot summers. The netting material as opposed to heavy curtains, helps in allowing a comfortable breeze to come through, but stopping insects and bugs from entering in. Canopy beds are one of the most sought after pieces of home furniture in humid regions like South America.

Canopy beds can be made of any material - chintz, muslin, or netting. Each one of them provides the same comfort and luxury of a private space with multiple options.

We present a wealth of resources and products. Find out more about canopies and outdoor structures.

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