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Tips on Modernizing You Interior Design

There's a lot to be said for modern interior designs and most people have already said it! The descriptions for these designs can range from, soulless to spacey to clinically pristine. Not everyone thinks this way of course, that's just the school of thought which believes that black on black, or chrome and white color schemes are the devil's answer to all things interior design. I have to agree on the fact that the white and chrome color scheme does leave a lot to be desired but there are other, different modern interior designs which can charm quite a few people.

For instance some of the modern interior designs have achieved a unique balance between the old and the new, and try to encompass the best of both worlds. Sometimes they might fall flat on their faces in their efforts to achieve this look, but more often than not they succeed and the outcome is very elegant and glamorous indeed. Just the other day I saw the perfect example of what I've been talking about. Instead of using chrome as if it were about to go out of fashion, this interior designer had only incorporated it in a few key places, thus ensuring that the person entering the room didn't get an eyeful of chrome first thing.

And along with this, wooden butcher's blocks and granite counters had been complimented with wooden flooring and modern appliances. The whole look of this kitchen came together beautifully and pleased the eye, and this was, inspite of the deep eye-catching green color that one wall was painted in. It's this type of modern interior designs that gives hope to the future of interior design, and makes you believe that the old school style of interior designs won't be left completely in the dust when the time comes for it die a natural death. However this passing away of the old and tried does not have be a sad occasion.

This is because the new interior designer of the future will someday look through the pages of history and maybe bring a few of the trends from our times into the future. Everything has its time and everything must pave way to the new and untried while the old style fades into the background and becomes a classic look. Just think about it, would you have the old Regency style interior decor in your homes now? So modern interior designs will take over the world sooner or later and we can only sit back and hope that we have changed sufficiently to admire these designs.

Kevin Andersen seeks to provide Home Interior Design Ideas

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