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Tips to choose and use a ladder

A ladder is an essential member of every household, especially if you are a handy-oriented person. Be for painting, cleaning gutters, or pruning a tree, it is very important to find a ladder properly matched to your needs. The first advice is take a minute to consider some factors that will help you get the most out of your purchase.

The main factors to consider are overall quality, size and load capacity. 1- Quality: This is an obvious one, but still important to keep in mind. Besides taking you to the heights, a ladder must be dependable.

After all, it will hold you several feet away from the ground, so your physical integrity is at stake. In other words, don't either go for the cheapest thing you can find at the hardware store or a used old ladder at the thrift store. Always look for known brand names, especially those offering long or better, lifetime warranty. 2- Size: No ladder is good if it is too short or too long. Make sure you get the right size by considering your needs. If the maximum height you need to reach is less than 20' you'll be better off with a standard stepladder.

Choose a stepladder that is about 4 feet lower than your desired maximum reach. For example, choose a 10-foot stepladder if you'll need to reach 14 feet. For higher heights you'll need an extension ladder. As a rule of thumb, buy an extension ladder that is 2 feet HIGHER than the maximum height you need to reach.

3- Load capacity: Load capacity is important for a right choice. The total load capacity must include your own weight plus the weight of tools and materials you are carrying. Up to 250lbs. is usually referred to as Type 1, and is appropriate for common household chores, such as wall and ceiling painting, small fixes and the like.

Up to 300 lbs. is Type 1A, is good for heavier duties, general contracting and building maintenance. Finally, Type 1AA holds up to 375 lbs., and is usually reserved for extra heavy duty of commercial or industrial nature. To finish, a word about our preferred ladder, the Little Giant Ladder System.

This is multi-purpose, rugged and well-built ladder. Easy to set up and store, the Little Giant is becoming the leader of the market and offers lifetime warranty for guaranteed satisfaction.

Ernesto Guevara maintains Traffic Village Articles and Handouts and Articlethon where you can download freely more than 50,000 articles about virtually everything. Learn more about multipurpose ladder systems by visiting Little Giant Ladders.

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