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The Interior Designers Top Ten Photo Opportunities

1.Think old and impressively industrial. An industrial workplace museum will give you hundreds of photo opportunities and allow you to set your images in an era of your choosing - top choice is the recently opened Jewellery Museum in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter. Industry, culture and creativity under one roof - a perfect location for a cool workplace photographer.

2.Jazz clubs have provided the backdrop for countless timeless images. The colourful characters associated with the music business make fabulous portraits and offer a wealth of performance related image opportunities that can be dropped easily into any public space setting. Top photo choice is Ronnie Scott's.

47 Frith Street, London W1. 3.Horse Racing will never go out of fashion.

Beautiful animals and glamorous folk make stunning subjects for any portfolio. Try to get behind the scenes to catch the very best shots although a clear line-up at the winning post is always a success with corporate clients. Imagery is essential in business Top picture choice is Plumpton Race Course in Sussex. Soft hills and green fields add polish to a very slick operation. 4.

Historic images sit well with many designers who use architectural shapes in photography to reflect their own constructions. With so many outstanding buildings and striking monuments to choose from it is easy to find something appropriate. Top snappers choice is Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. Set high on a green grassy hill, the Tor fits well with all kinds of interior designs and never loses magnificence or relevance. 5.

Giant sunflowers are always a winner - just ask Van Gogh! But don't confine yourself to stuffy art gallery imagery. Some of the world's finest sunflower images are now available as limited edition prints. Top choice is anything by Georgia O'Keefe but better still is something new and original you have photographed or painted yourself.

Plant those seeds against a south facing wall and water well for best results. 6.Boats of all kinds fit well with mellow, relaxed design schemes. Water colours such as greens, blues and greys can really add atmosphere to boating scenes. Look out for photo opportunities with bright coloured highlights or reflections to focus the eye. Top snapping opportunities include Falmouth in Cornwall, anywhere in the Solent and glorious Whitby in North Yorkshire.

7.Wildlife images offer a range of colour alternatives that can stretch from burnt browns framing African lion scenes to amazing pure white arctic panoramas complete with penguins and polar bears. Many British interior designers delight in deer and otters. Top opportunities for snapping both can be found on Exmoor in Devon. 8.

Modern art can offer the creative photographer/designer amazing opportunities to link shapes and textures. Concrete sculpture images sit comfortably on rough finished plaster walls while hard cropped images of contemporary bronze sculptures can make fantastic talking points . Top location is undoubtedly the Hannah Pescher Sculpture Garden in Surrey. Ten acres of amazement and wonder.

9.Exquisite landscapes are obvious additions to any country house interior design but forget about the oil paintings. Nowadays a stunning photograph can attract just as much attention, especially if it is printed on canvas and framed by a master. Constable made much of the Fens; but a top choice these days is the view from the Hogs Back just outside Guildford. 10.Nudes will always have a place on our walls but never forget that less is usually more.

Tasteful and discreet can lead to conversation whilst lurid only leads to tears. Top choice for a nude portrait just has to be Rankin but there are a host of wannabes.

Interior design and the photograph go together like that famous horse and carriage, and as Learntodream offer the very highest quality photographic printing service you can imagine, the marriage between them and the world of interior design was made in heaven. So when you have a new home and want to make the inside just you, think about having one of your own digital photos enlarged. See their site at www.learntodream.co.uk and check out the possibilities for yourself.

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