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Remodeling your Kitchen for under

When you start adding up all the expenses that you will incur when shopping for kitchen cabinets, you soon realize that new kitchen cabinets are very expensive. Thanks to overwhelming marketing and evil corporate influence the normal consumer is led to believe that you have no choice when buying kitchen cabinets. The first thing they will tell you: "we have some of those cabinets for your kitchen, but you will have to special order the rest of your kitchen". The second gimmick that these big box supply stores will tell you: "these special order cabinets will cost you more money, but don't worry we are offering 10% off of special orders". The reason they are offering 10% off is because the special order mark up is a 75 to 150% increase in the price.

Special order sounds "special" to you; however it is a method to make a large amount of extra money without increasing the marked price. The best solution that I have found is to go online and find cabinets that are not marked up in price. These cabinets are coming to you direct from cabinet importers. One reason these cabinets are cheaper is because most of the good buys are through RTA cabinet sites. An RTA cabinet is a Ready To Assemble cabinet. The cabinet is put together with one page of directions and only a screw driver.

So even though the name says "assemble" it does not mean there is skill required. Buying these cabinets is easy and reliable. Shipping costs will add some money to your order, but even with this add on, you will still save over 30% from retail prices.

So go online, check out an RTA site and order your kitchen cabinets from a place that is one step before the middle man. You will be getting cabinets from the importer, not the retailer.

I was able to save thousands on my kitchen cabinets. Find out my secrets.... you to can save thousands on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities by following these easy steps

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