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Qualities to Look for in a Longterm Motivated to Marry Partner

Do you know what kind of person would make you happy? What qualities would you want someone you would want to marry have? As human beings, we all respond to certain gestures and behaviors positively. This dating advice for women and men is to describe which qualities you need to have on your radar screen when you are searching for a partner with whom you can have long term bliss. Keep in mind the following relationship issues as you evaluate someone as a Motivated to Marry? Partner.

1. Offers you genuine friendship Everyone wants someone who can be their best friend through thick and thin. We want someone with whom we can share our deepest thoughts as well as with whom we can have fun with. 2. Kind and Compassionate What kind of heart does he or she have? Does he take in stray animals or does she volunteer to help the sick? And how forgiving is his or her nature? Is she kind to you and empathize with you when you've had a bad day? 3. Encouraging and Supportive Our hope is that our partner becomes our greatest fan.

Some dating tips for men include that you cheer her on during difficult times, and don't forget to tell her you believe in her. She supports you by taking care of the kids at night while you go back to school. 4.

A Sense of Being Understood Being seen and being known is the biggest gift you can give someone. Actually hearing them and acknowledging that you've heard them is very powerful. The key relationship issue is acceptance of who we are is what we all strive for. 5. Being Appreciative The ability to recognize when someone has gone out of your way or done something nice for you is a lost art.

Just saying these simple words, "I appreciate what you have done" just makes someone's day. One can never express too much appreciation! This is also important dating advice for women. 6. Ability to be Intimate Being willing to show your true self to another does take guts and trust.

Making yourself vulnerable to another is not an everyday occurrence. Allowing someone to get to know you and love you just the way you are, for better or worse is not for the faint-hearted. 7. Respectful Being able to remain respectful of another although you may not agree with the person does take a lot of class. It's even harder to treat someone with respect when you are under stress.

Always treat each other like delicate China where you can break your strong bond with the slip of a hurtful tongue. Nasty remarks and put downs are damaging to any relationship. 8. Open and willing to work on enhancing the relationship Open and honest communication is the key to any relationship.

As part of a couple, you need to be willing to listen to constructive comments and requests from your partner. It's important to hear your partner's side and visa versa. If you reach a deadlock without any viable solutions, be willing to seek help from an impartial third party to resolve major relationship issues. 9.

Trustworthy Trust is built over time and many positive encounters with someone. Does this person follow up when he/she says they will? Is this someone you have found you can count on? Trust is the foundation of any relationship. 10.

Thinks and acts in a "we" manner, not a "me" manner Does your potential partner think of how his or her actions will affect you? Are your thoughts and feelings taken into consideration? Is there a goal of compromise for the sake of the relationship? A relationship cannot survive on "me" alone! These are the 10 qualities you would want to look for in a Motivated to Marry? mate. Only you know which qualities are more important to you and must be present in a person to be happy. Good luck with your search. He or she is out there waiting for you! Copyright (c) 2007 Heartmind Connection, LLC.

Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC, certified professional life coach and dating-relationship expert, helps singles to attract the right romantic relationship into their lives, is the author of "Motivated to Marry?-Now There is a Better Method for Dating and Relationships!" and speaks nationally to groups on dating and relationships. For dating tips for men and women, subscribe to her monthly ezine and teleclasses at: http://www.heartmindconnection.com

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