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Moving from the city to the countryCan we really afford it

We recently moved from the city to the country. We thought it would be costly but we aren't prepared for all the recent changes to our finances that we aren't expecting. The hiring of a moving truck cost us more because we live more than an hour away from our old house and we had a lot of things to move. We have problems with our new well that was dug. The water in the house was black when we moved into our house because the owner had a new well dug so he could sell the house. When we got into the house the well company suggested we run the water day and night so it would get clear.

We hooked up a hose to the outside faucet to let the water run in the back yard. Soon after we did that, I went downstairs to take some empty boxes down and yelled to my husband that water was pouring in through the ceiling. What a mess! We got a plumber out here after that to put in a outside faucet in the back and in the front yard. That wasn't cheap but at least we can run a hose out into the back field now without it flooding the basement. After living here a couple of weeks our water was still filled with sediment so the well company sold us two filters. We put the smallest sediment filter on first, ran the water and within an hour it was filled.

So we put the larger one on and it still clogs up now and then. We thought we'd never have problems with well water. We have to run over to our other house to take showers and run the dishes through the dishwasher.

We noticed, after some time, that we both had dry skin and our throats were dry also. The previous owner didn't have a humidifier in the house. So we had to get a humidifier installed. That set us back a little. We also had the furnace cleaned because we don't know when it was done last. We've been living with sheers on our bedroom windows since we moved in.

I ordered drapes from a company a few days after we moved in (four weeks ago). I think the package got lost in the mail somewhere. We've lived in the house four weeks now and our buying spree is coming to an end. I think! At least for the time being. All and all we love our new house in the country and the town we live near so it's all worth it.

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