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Master the DIY Steps of the Bathtub Refinishing Process

Bathtub not looking as good as it should? Are you stuck with one of those outdated colors of the 1970's? With a few simple preparations and a lot of patience, you can learn how to refinish a bathtub and save yourself the hassle of buying and installing a new tub. Of course, you'll want to make sure that you work safely. Since bathtub refinishing involves chemicals, some of which are toxic, make sure that you ventilate the area well before beginning.

Also, protect yourself with a ventilator, safety goggles and gloves. Once protected, gather your supplies and get going! Give your tub a cursory cleaning and remove any loose caulking and gaskets. Most bathtub refinishing kits come with several chemicals. The first two are chemical cleaning solutions that will remove soaps and oils from the surface of the tub and prepare it for the primer. Most kits require you to clean the tub with the first solution, scrubbing the tub with sandpaper, usually 220 or 240 grit. Once the tub is thoroughly scrubbed, rinse away any residue.

The second cleaning solution is applied next, usually with a specially designed cleaning pad that also scores, or roughs, the surface of the tub. This second step removes any remaining oil or soap and also provides "grab" for the primer. Rinse the tub again and dry with an old towel or paper towels. The third solution in the kit is a primer reducer, a solvent that removes any remaining residue and prepares the surface for the primer.

Carefully apply the reducer with paper towels. After this, repair any damage to the tub's surface and drain area with putty and allow to dry. After about 30 minutes, sand the repaired areas smooth with a fine grit sandpaper, clean with the primer reducer and dry. The next job for the bathtub refinishing process is to mask the area around the bathtub that will not be refinished. Carefully apply tape and paper to the areas around the tub, burnishing any tape with your fingernail or a credit card to assure a good seal.

Next, you'll apply the base coat to the tub. Remember to wear your respirator for this part of the process, and make sure that your area is properly ventilated. Following the manufacturer's directions, mix the primer's components exactly and use a spray gun to apply to the bathtub.

Allow the primer to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the top coat. Mix the paint for the topcoat following manufacturer's instructions. Apply the topcoat using the spray gun with even strokes. This topcoat will take about 48-72 hours to completely cure. As you can see, there is quite a bit of work involved, but bathtub refinishing the DIY way can be a cost effective way to dramatically update your bathroom!.

Claire Bullerwell is a successful freelance writer who likes to provide informative articles on everyday living. Learn futher information on BathTub Refinishing here.

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