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Knowledge Is Key In Landscaping Business

The absolute first thing about starting your own landscaping business is knowing what you're doing. Since very few states have laws regulating this type business, just about anyone with a pickup truck, a shovel and a lawnmower can call themselves a landscaper. The biggest mistake you can make when starting a landscaping business is to take on jobs that you are not capable of doing. By failing on one or two, word of mouth advertising will kill any chance you had of being a success. Another issue common of people just starting out in a landscaping business is knowing what to charge for their services.

Many make the mistake of not charging enough and end up going broke. Others may overcharge and find themselves with no business because their prices are too high. Starting your own landscaping business after working for an established company for a while, can be a benefit in knowing what rates to charge in your area as well as how to perform the task.

Don't Let Customer Ruin Reputation Presuming you are well educated in landscaping and you decide to leave your employer for the greener pastures of operating your own landscaping business. Your costs are determined and all you lack are jobs. When talking to potential clients, many may have a preconceived notion of what they want. While you want to please the customer, remember your education and determine if their desires are feasible.

For example, if they want certain plants in an area of full sun and you know the sun will kill them, you should inform the customer of this. Do not take the attitude that the customer is always right and think about the money you can make just to have to come back to charge them again to replace them. It's your landscaping business and your reputation is on the line. If the customer still insists after being informed, you will want to make a notation on any contract that this particular plant is being used against your advice. Customer service will get you more business than prices.

A customer who wants a job done simply based on how much it will cost may not be the type of customer you want, as nothing you do for the money they are willing to pay will probably be good enough and it's a good way to put your landscaping business into financial ruin. However, once you tell a customer you're going to do something, make absolutely certain you do it. Except in extreme circumstances, including weather delays, all deadlines must be met and, if an unforeseen problem arises, work with the customer to their satisfaction. Again, word of mouth is the best advertising you can hope for in your landscaping business.

For more information on landscaping business visit http://www.LandscaperBasics.com/ or http://LandscapingBasics.blogspot.com/

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