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Is it Time for a Porch Swing

Swings have been part of fun outdoor activities for a longtime mainly geared towards children and amusement parks. These days swings have become more popular within the traditional decor of a garden. They come in varied simple designs. A lot of them can now easily be installed on the porch, in the garden or even inside the house. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration while installing a swing on the porch, the most important factor being safety.

For outdoor swings, sand or some other soft material should be provided below the swinging area to protect children, as there is a high chance of children falling while swinging. The main thing is to consider whether the swing is going to be exposed to elements. Is it a complete outdoor swing or is it a porch swing that is not completely covered? The choice of material for a swing should be based on what kind of weather it will be exposed to.

Outdoor and porch swings are manufactured in many different materials and designs. For outdoor swings metal is the choice of material. Metal swings come in artistic shapes. They will be painted or galvanized to prevent rusting and getting affected from elements.

Care should be taken to insure that paint and other materials should not be harmful to anyone. Wood is the material of choice for swings when it comes to indoor swings or porch swings. Various kinds of treated wood are available that can withstand high pressure and lots of exposure to elements and wear and tear. Wood can also be shaped into ornate or simple designs and is light and strong. Swings also come in plastic in very modern and bright colors. Porch swings also come in multiple seater designs, which are very light and sturdy.

One seater swings can be installed easily from a hook and can be used to relax and read a book. Porch swings add a lot of fun to activities such as reading or relaxing. Porch swings also allow friends to gather together on a Friday evening to talk about the weekend plans. Safety is the first priority while selecting or installing porch swings. The first task while installing a porch swing is to locate a strong overhead beam at least 8 feet from the ground. Porch swings can be installed using hooks and fitted using large screws on the beam.

Four chains are normally required and two chains will be connected to each hook. One chain from each hook will be connected to the front of the swing while the second one will be connected to the back. If your porch does not have an appropriate frame, you can buy one according to the requirements and get it fitted properly.

Swings with holes are easy to fit, but swings in which the mounted chains are attached to the lower frame of the swing give more stability and support. For added safety, it is always better to drill through the beams and use eyebolts rather than screws to hang the hooks. These might take an experienced engineer and some difficulty in fitting, but are totally worth the difficulty as you can rest easy about the screws getting damaged over time. Before using swings, ensure you talk to the children about safety precautions.

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