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Is a Gas Tankless Water Heater For You

Homeowners shopping around for a tankless water heater must first decide whether they want to go with a gas model or an electric one. While the electric tankless hot water heater may be appropriate in most cases, home that use a lot of hot water for extended periods of time should certainly look into a tankless gas water heater.

Tankless gas hot water heaters are designed to be used for the entire house. Because of their larger size and ventilation requirement, an appropriate are should be used for these gas heaters, which are discussed here. First, why replace on old standard water heater with a new gas tankless water heater?

Tankless gas hot water heaters will offer you and your family an unlimited supply of steaming hot water.

This means flexibility, as you can have multiple showers going, and then still have the water there afterwards to run the dishwasher or the washing machine. The biggest factor in this is the capacity of the gas tankless gas heater you purchase. The higher the gallon-per-minute rate, more options are available as far as running multiple appliances at the same time.

Several gas models are more compact than a regular water heater, so some homes may enjoy additional space savings as well.

What can you expect to pay when upgrading to a tankless gas water system? A standard stack water heater is usually runs from $400-600 dollars. Low-end tankless gas water heaters start in the area of $750 and can go all the way up to $2,000 dollars. Some of the well known tankless gas water heater manufacturers are Palmoa, Takagi, and Rinnia.

Shopping around and comparing costs will help you narrow down the choices. Consulting with a local dealer is usually the best way to price tankless water heater manufacturers and models.

While natural gas powered heaters are found nationwide, some localities are fueled with propane. Check with your utility company if you dont know if your house uses natural gas or propane. Manufactures including Bosch and Stieble Eltron make and distribute tankless water heaters that are propane powered.

AquaStar is a popular line by Bosch tankless, and there are several different models which create between 2.5 to 6 gallons of hot water. Of course the larger capacity models will be more expensive, but these cater to larger households where multiple hot water applications are needed at the same time.

Another great benefit with gas tankless water heaters is the consistent flow of hot water. Unlike a standard hot water heater where the water may cool off based on the capacity of the heater, the gas tankless setup will continue to pump hot H20. It doesnt matter need it for ten minutes or ten hours.

A great thing to have when everyone is competing to take the first shower of the day!

One final consideration is the cost to install a tankless gas heater. These heaters require proper ventilation, so check the local plumbing market to find an appropriate contractor. A professional installation will give you peace of mind, ensuring the safety of you and your family.


About the Author (text)Jeff Buckley is a freelance writer covering home improvement topics like tankless hot water heaters and gas water heaters.

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