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How To Find The Perfect Airer For Your Needs

Laundry airers, clothes airers and indoor drying racks have been used for the drying of washing and laundry for centuries and are still available today in a huge range of colours, styles and designs. As global warming and climate change play an ever increasing role in today's societies, the use of an environmentally friendly indoor airer or drying rack can help reduce home energy demands, which in turn helps reduce emissions and our eco foot print. From Folding to Fixed and Ceiling Mounted, there are Many Choices. Airers date back for hundreds of centuries and have evolved into many styles throughout time. From the traditional ceiling mounted clothes airers which are still found today, to the state of the art portable airer such as the Mrs Peggs Handy Line, which is lightweight, portable and folds almost completely flat.

When you are looking at purchasing a new airer you need to look at things such as how much space do you have? Does your laundry airer or clothes airer need to be fixed to the wall or can you have a portable model that you can take out into the sun on nice days? Line space is a key point to consider when buying your indoor airer. If you have a large family you will need something that offers plenty of drying area and can take large items like sheets and large towels. The UK and Europe are still large users of ceiling mounted clothes airers, as these use the trapped warm air in homes to dry washing and laundry. Retractable indoor airers from manufacturers such as Hills and Austral washing lines, are also very popular as the drying lines are only seen when required, with these units often styled to blend into the décor of modern homes. The budget you have to spend is also a key consideration when looking to buy an airer, and the old saying of what you pay is what you get is certainly true when it comes to today's airers. Very cheap models of airers can be found but often need replacing each year, while dearer models will last for years and years.

The main point to consider with an indoor airer is that they will save you money if they are used instead of the electric tumble dryer and they will also help in the fight against climate change.

Kelly writes about indoor airers for Mrs Peggs Handy Line and Eco Washing Lines

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