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How Do Burglar Alarms Work

Isn't it interesting how everything is automated and computerized? Even the safety options for our cars, homes and offices are now automated. This automation and computerization has minimized the need for hiring a lot of security guards to man the premises. In today's computer age, a good burglar alarm system is a great help in upgrading the security of our properties.

It is amazing how burglar alarms work. Generally speaking, burglar alarms systems are composed of two major parts in order to work. First, burglar alarms have sensors. The most basic types of burglar alarm sensors are those that detect breaking in or when an intruder comes in. Some even includes motion detectors, which work to identify changes in position within a particular area.

Some of the more advanced burglar alarm systems even have smoke of fire alarms, which work to detect possibility of arson or accidental damage to property due to fire, and even panic detector, which can identify changes in the movement of the people in a particular area. The burglar alarm sensors are connected to a central or control unit that works by sending out a signal when an intrusion, fire or panic was identified. Burglar alarm signals may be in the form of loud noises. The most advanced burglar alarms systems work by sending signals via the telephone lines or the Internet. It is possible that the house owner may be alerted when an intrusion is identified when an advanced burglar alarm system is at work.

You may receive an automated phone call or an email to inform you of the unusual activity at home even if you are in your office. In some advanced burglar alarm systems, not only the owner of the house was notified, but also some of these systems are connected to an external monitoring center, which determines if the intrusion requires the help of the nearest security or police officer. This is good especially if you are at work and you can't monitor your burglar system all the time. Someone monitors it for you and calls the cops or emergency personnel to your place when the burglar alarm gives a signal. A lot of homes in the United States have now installed burglar alarm systems. These do not only work to protect their houses and properties but these also protect their other family members, especially the kids, who may not yet know how to deal with emergency situations.

Robert Thomson is writing home security articles on her website about burglar alarms.

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