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Heizer Water Heaters

Heizer Water Heaters started up back in the 1970's when it was a mere, small manufacturing service. Looking at it today it produces hundreds of units every day for all over the European market. Based in the West Midlands, Heizer Water Heaters is ideally located to support its well established products. As well as a one of the best water heaters around you also get on going technical support, excellent customer service and generally administrative staff. With a range of ancillary equipment; all of which is designed for the specific needs of today's changing market, its no wonder Heizer Water Heaters are a number one choice for many companies.

Heizer Water Heaters are also energy efficient as well as being ISO 9002, CE and Wras approved. They offer an extensive range of stainless steel water heaters, including unvented Stainless Steel cylinders from 90-2000 in Direct and indirect format. For a sample of the commercial products Heizer Water Heaters have on offer, check out the list below: ? TGF series - storage 220 - 400 litres continuous output 564 - 963 litres heating time 17 - 32 minutes ? G series - storage 150 - 2000 litres continuous output 240 -1028 litres heating time 27 - 151 minutes ? GT series - storage 150 - 2000 litres continuous output 240 - 1028 litres heating time 27 - 151 minutes ? GE series - storage 150 - 2000 litres continuous output 240 - 1028 litres heating time 27 - 151 minutes ? GP series - storage 300 - 2000 litres continuous output 1032 - 2394 litres heating time 13 - 67 minutes ? GPE series - storage 300 - 2000 litres continuous output 1032 - 2394 litres heating time 13 - 67 minutes ? XP-8 series - storage 750 litres continuous output 3818 litres heating time 12 minutes ? E/ET electric series - storage 150 - 2000 power 1.5 - 90kW ? BSI - Commercial Stainless Steel With Heizer Water Heaters you can feel safe when making your purchase as they have over 30 years of experience in water heating products.

You are purchasing from a manufacturer that has grown to leave their mark on an industry. Each of Heizer's Water Heaters are produced to high safety measures, making sure that they include flue spillage devices, temperature and pressure relief values, ECO and limit thermostats. Heizer offer water heaters not only from their stock but they also add in bespoke modifications if you so wish, which means you have flexibility during the design stages of your product. Also Heizer have a range of Thermal Store units which have competitive performances and prices aimed at the cost sensitive purchaser.

All of Heizer's products are delivered using the companies own transport, they do not use external carriers and like all water heaters, they should only be used in the manner and purpose for which they were intended. Your Heizer Water Heater should not be installed in any location that contains a bed, bath or shower. You should also leave easy access to the boiler room at all times.

Helen Cox is the web master for Water Heating, home of all your Central Heating needs. This article is free to republish provided this resource box remains intact.

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