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Hammocks Selecting The Right Hammock Style For You

When purchasing a hammock, your intended use for this relaxing object will determine the type of style you should select. Hammocks are available in a wide-range of designs, made from rope, fabric or string. While you probably thought that a hammock came in a standard 'tie to two trees' sort of deal, you couldn't be further from the truth. While the typical rope hammock is by far the most common, there are in fact many, many different styles. There are Mayan-style hammocks to Nicaraguan hammocks to Australian-type hammock selections to choose from.

Each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find a few facts regarding a couple of hammock options to consider: Mayan Hammock Made from string, the Mayan hammock does not come with spreader bars, but still is handy when you need relief from hot weather. When used inside the home, this hammock can last for about 10 years, whereas outdoor use decreases its shelf life to about two.

Since it is comprised of thin strings, the hammock has a reputation for becoming snagged and then broken. Exercising a higher level of caution with this hammock is highly suggested. For a stronger Mayan hammock, seek out the Mayan heavy string hammock, which is a bit hardier. Nicaraguan Hammock This hammock utilizes a medium gage yarn, a tight weaving technique, and sizeable amount of decoration to create this 'double sprang woven string' option.

For use both inside and outside of the home, many consider this hammock to be one of the most deluxe options in relaxation. Fabric Hammocks To take advantage of comfort and decrease the chances of catching a snag, the fabric hammocks of Colombia and Brazil are suggested. Although there is less ventilation with this type of hammock, it is still a highly comfortable choice. If you plan to use this hammock in the outdoors, choose a Coralino fabric, which has a knack for standing up against Mother Nature. Rope Hammocks For a visual appeal, the 'American-Style' hammock with their spreader bars is made from rope, yet isn't as comfortable as other selections.

And although spreader bars make a wider, flatter, and more open item, you will also face less stability. If you are looking for comfort, you should seek out hammocks that are fashioned from cotton, fabric, or string. Hammocks have a long tradition of comfort - in many different styles! There truly is a hammock for everyone.

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