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Dumbwaiters not Medieval Anymore

Dumbwaiters provide a way to move food and other materials from one floor to another. They are like miniature elevators travel in a shaft similar to that of an elevator shaft. Dumbwaiters have been around for a very long time. In the medieval times almost every castle had a dumbwaiter system. This saved countless servants backs as they did not have to haul heavy objects up and down the long winding castle stairs. It also saved a tremendous amount of time because generally you can put much more food or other household materials on a dumbwaiter than you could ever dream of carrying by hand.

Over time dumbwaiters have been adopted by business like hotels and hospitals to carry linen and food from floor to floor. They are seen in industrial companies that frequently ship assembled products from floor to floor and have countless applications. Most larger homes have dumbwaiters as well, but over the past few years drops in price and easy installation methods have pushed the dumbwaiter into much smaller and lower priced homes. If you are in a position where you frequently have to traverse stairs with groceries, tools, linen, or any other object than a dumbwaiter is for you. Dumbwaiters are great for those of us who are a little older as well. They can make changing all the beds in the upstairs a breeze, or bring the weeks groceries to the kitchen a snap.

This can also cut back on the time it takes your maid or houseman to do their chores. Litterally that can relate in thousands of saved dollars a year. Generally installation and wiring of dumbwaiters is very straight forward. Many models also come for the most part pre-assembled so it is mostly a matter of securing the track to the dumbwaiter shaft. A quality dumbwaiter system also will come with a comprehensive warranty so you are assured many years of un-troubled service and use.

For more information on dumbwaiters and other home medical equipment visit www.usmedicalsupplies.com.

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