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Do You Want to Know How to Start Labor Naturally

If you are pregnant and past you due date, you are undoubtedly feeling the anxiety with waiting for labor to start. At this point, you may be searching for ways to start labor naturally. Many obstetricians today look towards medical labor induction when an expectant mother is past her due date. This route can throw your birthing options out the window, such as a homebirth. Unfortunately, you will be hard pressed to find a doctor that will not recommend chemically inducing your labor once you are past your due date; regardless of the risks or harsh side effects. Many mothers that have experienced the side effects from using medication to start labor shiver at the thought of going through it again.

You might have already come across various methods on how to start labor naturally. You might even have tried sex, EPO, walking, spine adjustments by chiropractic, bouncing on the birth ball, and spicy foods, in order to start your labor naturally. You may have been recommended to try acupuncture treatment, as well. Some people are skeptical about acupuncture for labor. It has been shown in several studies, however, that by stimulating specific acupuncture points, the body is gently urged to begin the process of childbirth. You may experience a small amount of bruising where the needles were inserted; this is the only side effect.

Needles used in acupuncture to naturally start labor and the fear of the pain they may cause stress and anxiety in the mother. The acupuncture needles used are solid, yet extremely thin. That's why there is very little or no pain during the treatment. Most acupuncture specialists will not make house calls to perform the treatment; this could be a problem for an expectant mother who is past her due date. Acupressure is another method shown to be very effective in bringing on labor.

A simple and comfortable way to naturally encourage labor is acupressure. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture because the same points of the body are used, but without the needles. However, acupressure utilizes thumbs and fingertips rather than needles.

In order to stimulate the acupressure points to start labor, the points are first located according to some simple measurements. Using just your fingertips or thumbs, pressure is given to points on the body. The pressure could be applied as a small rotating movement, static pressure, or in a pressure-release manner. Sometimes, only one acupressure treatment is enough to "kick-start" labor but usually the treatment is repeated in a few hours time. Acupressure for labor is beneficial not only in inducing labor naturally, but is also extremely helpful in relieving labor contraction pains, back pains, and nausea, that are often associated with pregnancy.

What is wonderful in acupressure for labor is that it could be used at home. Because acupressure is simple, a person with no previous experience could use this method with great success, just by following basic instructions. Hence, more and more pregnant women and their partners are using acupressure for conditions related to pregnancy, including the induction of labor. Midwives and natural health care doctors agree that acupressure is a safe and effective way to naturally start labor.

To discover more about how to start labor naturally with acupressure, visit www.MaternityAcupressure.com. Maternity Acupressure is a proven all-natural method to encourage your labor to start. It is safe for both the mother and the baby. And, it does not come with the risks of many medications, or some other natural labor inducing remedies.

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