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Decorating Your House

So you have decided to be your own contractor to save money, yet you wonder if you will be able to be your own interior decorator. Be careful that you don't only consider the exterior when picking a house plan. You need to think about the style of the interior when picking a house plan. The 3d videos on www.houseplancentral.

com can really help you to visualize the interior style of your house before you buy a house plan. The duties of the interior decorator are to pick the colors of your house, the furniture and lighting fixtures and tie all these factors together. This can be a bit overwhelming to think about doing all these yourself. I recommend finding a lot of pictures of the type of colors and room format you want, then put all the pictures together and put the ones that could all tie into together in one pile. Take this pile and go to a paint store and ask the person helping you if the colors would blend.

They will be glad to help you match your colors. The next thing I would do would be to go on-line and look at several different websites that have pictures of furnished rooms to help you decide on the style you want in your house. You can decide if you want a modern, tuscan, contemporary, classic and others.

Once you pick out the type you like start making a budget for how much you have to spend on furnishing your home. You can go a bit crazy trying to furnish your house, and actually spend a lot more money than you need to, so it is very important that you already have some money set aside for the exact purpose of decorating the inside of your house. Once you have a budget made, start with the paint then check your pictures to find your style and make sure they match, and then take the style you pick and start looking for your furniture. Again you are welcome to use the people at the stores to help you.

If you still have money left in your budget after the furniture, start looking for art, frames and lamps. These little accessories can add a lot to your making your home unique. You can find these at stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. Having the internet has changed a lot of things, I found houseplancentral.com to be very helpful even after picking out my house plan because most of the plans have images of what the house could look like on the inside.

You can take these images and virtual tour and get an even better idea of what you want.

Kevin Carden is the publisher of www.houseplancentral.com, a website offering a large collection of home plans and unique house plans in many different architectural styles, from the nation's top house designers and architects.

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