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Buy A Clothes Line Says Al Gore

As the worldwide movement for climate change really starts to gather some momentum, one small piece of house hold equipment is generating a huge amount of interest especially in the USA. The worlds champion environmentalist Al Gore, lists the laundry line in his top ten things we can do right now to reduce our eco foot print. Project Laundry List is the largest movement both in the USA and on a global stage, that is calling for the wide spread adoption of the eco friendly laundry line and is active in the fight to get local housing bodies to change their policies on the use of laundry lines in the community.

A reduction of power consumption of around 6% can be acheived when a laundry line is used to dry laundry at home. By eliminating the need for a tumble dryer or at least reducing its use in your home can have a number of ongoing effects such as these listed below, ? an immediate saving on your energy and electricity bills ? clothes have a fresh smell and last longer as they are dried naturally ? you get some exercise hanging out the laundry ? you feel better as you get outside in the sun and fresh air ? tumble driers do not need to be manufactured anymore which is a massive saving to the environment and planet ? new power infrastructure does not need to be built as we are reducing our energy requirements These are just a few points that relate to the use of clothes lines, washing lines, laundry lines and clothes airers throughout the world. Products that use natural energy like solar and wind to dry laundry can make a huge difference in reducing emmsions! We all need to help in the fight for the right to dry laundry in your own backyard which is the main issue that is affecting the use of laundry lines throughout America. Just imagine if we all stopped using tumble dryers permanently, we could reduce the global power bill by around 5% just like that! Now that would be people power in motion and one movement that governments and politicians would have to sit up and take notice of.

Im a keen writer and researcher for Urban Clothes Lines

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