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Bristan Thermostatic Mixers

As one of the premier shower maker in the United Kingdom, Bristan products are known for their quality, elegance and durability. The range that they offer is simply amazing and whatever requirement you have, Bristan will have a product that fits your needs. In this article, we are going to discuss Bristan thermostatic mixers. Bristan offers a wide variety of thermostatic mixers in a wide variety of styles and price. Although one product is as good as the other, we will check out some specific products only. The first product we'll review is the Bristan G-Type Thermostatic Surface mounted shower with Rigid Riser and Handset.

This shower is part of the contemporary range of thermostatic shower mixers. The fixture is chrome plated and comes with a Ceramic disc. The product is priced at 860 and comes with a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

The product comes with a thermostatic valve and has a dual control operation. It is one of the top notch products from Bristan and you will surely not mind paying for it. On the technical side the flow rate of the product is 11.

01/min open outlet and the pressure range is 0.1-8.0 bar. The product will be shipped to your house if you are buying from an online retailer and most probably free of cost. The price range may vary slightly at different online stores and you should compare prices before you make the final buy. The next product that is worth discussing is the Bristan Chill Thermostatic Surface Mounted/Recessed Shower with adjustable riser.

This is a chrome plated product and fits with all plumbing systems. The product is priced at 293 and is definitely worth the price. This product comes with the new "Easitherm" shower valve from Bristan and it is a single box solution for recessed or surface mounted installation. You should definitely check out the product irrespective of the size of your bathroom. It is a compact and contemporary product and worth every penny. This product has a Light Action Flow Control and comes with a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

The temperature is preset at 42C and it has a dual control operation. Before you make your choice it is advisable to compare prices and products that suit your requirement. There are various products available and you should make a judicious decision to choose what is best for you.

Darren Dunner is the author of this article on Bristan Thermostatic Mixers. Find more information about the subject at http://www.buyplumbing.co.uk

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