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Blinds and Shutters Do Up Your Windows With Elan

Imagine life without windows, and you start feeling claustrophobic. An essential feature of every home and office, windows can look either drab or attractive depending on the owner's choice of material and design for window covering. If you are concerned with mere functionality, any ordinary material and pattern will do, but if you are looking for something exquisite and envy-inspiring read on. The primary function of widows is to let in natural light and air. Many of the modern window coverings help to ensure this, while absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays and harsh sounds. Most importantly, they permit translucency, while maintaining your privacy.

Choose window covering or decoration after assessing your room size and shape. Common design sense says that vertical coverings add height and elegance to a room, while horizontal ones convey warmth and informality. Choose colors that either match wall and furnishing color shades in the room or contrast them. Blinds are available in different materials like wood, fabric, vinyl, and aluminum, as well as different patterns and colors. You can also choose from antique, rustic, and modern finishes. If the windows in your home are very high, choose decor with remote control option.

Choose materials and design based on the function of different rooms. For example, you are likely to prefer more light and a cozier look in the family room compared with the dining room. Similarly, for children's rooms, an outdoor feel coupled with safety would be the top priority. After taking into account these factors, place an order online or visit a store specializing in window decor.

Blind fashion - For a warm, traditional look choose basswood or hardwood blinds. They come stained or painted in a spectrum of colors - Choose aluminum blinds for a contemporary feel. They are available in macro (2") and micro (1/2") slats; the former provide a dramatic look and are best for large windows, while the latter offer a neat look and work for practically all windows and rooms.

- To add to the rustic look of your cottage or farm house, choose blinds with knotty pine finish - Choose glazed or distressed finish for modern or antique feel, respectively Shutter style - Choose from hardwood, faux wood, wood-alloy, fiber glass, or polysatin - Select wood for a classy look, and opt for polysatin if you live in an area prone to extreme climatic conditions; special hurricane protection shutters are also available - Faux wood is much cheaper than wood, looks great, and is moisture and damage resistant - Fiberglass shutters are stunning, expensive and are known to withstand even storms; they are low maintenance - Go for aluminum shutters if you are looking out for low cost and maintenance material - Vinyl shutters are maintenance free and are available in a riot of colors; you don't have to bother about paint peeling or chipping You don't need to hire an interior decorator to choose materials for the windows of your new home or to give your old windows a makeover. Just plan and purchase wisely keeping in mind the functionality and overall decor of each room.

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