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Best Summer Yarns for Knitting

It seems like last week we were taking down our Christmas trees, and now winter is over and the warm weather is already upon us. As our knitting thoughts turn to lighter patterns and more open-weave designs, the question that pops into my mind more than any other is.just which yarn do I use for these summer patterns? So often I see many different types of yarn in those wonderful knitting magazines and newer books, so, just which ones are the best for summer knitting? After knitting with many different types of yarns, over the years, I can recommend some fibers which definitely fit the bill, much more so than others, when it comes to knitting anything you might wear or use in the warmer weather.

And remember, with the warm weather come special occasions such as weddings, proms, even graduations, as well as outdoor events where you go from day into evening. In the most sultry night there is nothing like a beautiful shawl or unique shrug or afghan which not only protects but looks gorgeous as well. The first type of yarn, which is almost a "given" is cotton yarn. Cotton is very easy to knit with and comes in so many colors nowadays; most bigger brand names come in a cotton variety. In fact, some of the simple open-air shawls or shrugs look fabulous when knitted in a cotton yarn.

Don't forget all the pretty placemats and bath items you can also knit using cotton yarn. Then, there are cotton blends. Examples of these yarns would be cotton and merino, or cotton and worsted weight yarn. Another great yarn mix is cotton and linen. Any type of summer pattern can be knitted with these yarns; I especially like cool sweaters and loose vests for these yarns. As always, worsted weight yarn is as popular as ever.

Every name brand carries worsted weight; and the color selection is wonderful. Worsted weight can be used for anything and everything; vests, shawls, shells, sweaters, summer afghans and every kind of accessory, as well. DK weight yarn is another great choice for summer projects. This type of yarn is very popular with shawls and vests.

This yarn is a light-worsted-weight yarn between worsted and sport yarn, and knits quickly for any project you can think up! Buttery-soft, smooth to the touch silk yarns are always a big hit for lighter knit patterns. They knit up into feathery creations, fun to wear close to your skin and with graceful curves and drape effects that give you the edge every time! Another yarn, soft as silk, is bamboo yarn. It, too, comes in a variety of colors and is a great summer yarn. And, don't forget the summer colors. That may be the hardest thing of all; choosing between all those luscious shades and tints. Colors like 'cotton candy', 'mint leaf', 'peaches and cream', 'sweet orchid', 'lemonade', 'breeze', 'popsicle', and 'white sparkle' are just a very few of the versatile and irresistible yarns to knit with! No matter which ones you choose, you just can't lose! So, if you are like me, you will be out to the yarn store just as soon as you can!.

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