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Air Conditioner Compressor Key Role In Cooling The House

Most interestingly an air conditioner compressor is placed in the outside part of the air conditioner. But it is the key device to keep your house cool from inside. Will you call this a paradox? Or will you take this granted as the technical devising of a machine? The process of air conditioning is in fact confined to any specified walled area that may be your house or an office or any such other place.

Air can be conditioned or the temperature can be brought down only when the space is enclosed and sealed from all sides. In a refrigerator as well the mechanism is the same. But the difference lies in the cooling area for which the air conditioner covers a wider portion.

Process of compression Well the air conditioner is not just the action of the compressor. The compressor is the key but two other major parts are the condenser and the evaporator. The general feature of an air conditioner has the evaporator inside the room or in the enclosed space. The condenser is placed in between and the compressor is in the external part. The operation begins from the compressor. A low-pressure gas is created near the compressor by the movement of the working fluid.

The fluid is actually compressed over here. This compression brings the molecules of the working fluid nearer to each other which in turn increases the energy level. The compressor heats up the fluid that reaches the condenser in the next phase. Circulation of the working fluid When the fluid reaches the condenser it has already turned into a high-pressure gas. The external fins attached to the air conditioner perform the job of a radiator and thus the temperature of the gas is reduced.

The gas is transformed into cool liquid before it strikes the evaporator. The transfer of the working fluid was initially from low to high pressure and finally in the evaporator it is once again a low pressure environment. This finally allows the liquid to transfer into vapor and evaporate. There is a collision of this cool vapor with the external air. Finally the metal fins in the evaporator propel the process of thermal exchange between the two temperatures of gases. The phenomenon is simple science and logic.

It is the exchange of the heavy and light-weighted air. The cold air is heavier due to the presence of moisture. When the air conditioner compressor initiates its work, the transfer of gases begins.

At the end the replacement takes place where the cool air fills up the enclosed space of your house. And the hot air is blown out. When the outside world is blazing in the scorching heat, you rest in peace under the cool environment of your air-conditioned home.

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