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A Guide To Top Air Purifiers

Buy by the brand. Do you consider this to be the thumb rule when you go around shopping things and accessories? Well this works and sometimes might not. Actually you must not go just by the brand but by the quality of the brand. So when you decide upon buying an air purifier, the brand bother is again on. There may be plenty but you ought to select one and preferably the best.

To help you out, read below about a few well known brands of air purifiers and make the right choice. Ionic breeze quite effective There are many ionic breeze air purifiers available in the market. But to get a comprehensive model you can buy the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP. Its features are as follows: - This particular model of the air purifier has an electrostatic precipitator.

A negative ion generator system is also attached along with a source to radiate the ultra violet rays. - The electrostatic force exerted by the precipitator with the help of ion generator helps to clean the environment inside a room by absorbing the contaminated particles floating around. - The UV rays though harmful for human life is very effective in killing bacteria and other microbes. Therefore a spray of this ray also makes the air inside the home germ-free.

Four technologies, one purifier If you buy the Oreck Super Air 8 Air Purifier, you instantly get a combination of four operative technologies in the single model. The purification process is held step-by-step. - The bigger sized particles present in the air can be absorbed by the pre-filter. This is the first step.

- Next is the turn of the minute particles and other intoxicants that are harmful for the eyes and lungs. The charcoal filter effectively sucks these contaminants. - The electrostatic precipitator helps in creating a magnetic field.

The smaller particles of pollutants are charged by coming in contact with the negative ions. Hence they can be easily pulled out from air. - Ultimately the Oreck air purifiers can generate negative ions on their own. When these ions are induced in the air, they can automatically clear the contaminants left after the earlier three processes. Two more in the top list The Austin Air Purifier and the Hunter Air Purifier are also among the popular brands. The Hunter Air Purifiers are much known for their carbon pre-filters that can grab on bigger sized pollutant particles floating in the air.

But the Austin models are preferred for their zeolite pre-filters that work with the support of HEPA technology. Final choice Count on the features offered by the different brands of air purifiers. Match them with your requirement. The perfect match can provide you with the best experience. And that's the brand exactly meant for you.

So get one without hesitation.

Jason Uvios writes about on A guide to top air purifiers to visit :- air cleaners, hepa air filters and air filters

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