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Wireless Video Surveillance System Information / Home Security Cameras

Wireless video surveillance systems (VSS) are actually easier to install in your home than hard-wired systems. Wireless VSS transmits radio signals from your camera or transmitter to a receiver. The receiver will be connected to your TV or VCR (or whatever kind of monitoring equipment you buy) via a cable, but that's the only cable you'll have to use when you set up a wireless video surveillance system. You don't have to connect the transmitter and the receiver with wires.

Basic Components of a Wireless Video Surveillance System:

at least one camera/transmitter
power supply (typically 12-volt DC)
receiver and antenna
cable (to connect your receiver to your monitoring equipment)
optional additional monitor and VCR

A VCR is only a necessary component to a video surveillance system if you want to record the images being broadcast by your transmitter. Some homeowners will just broadcast the signal live to monitor instead of recording hours worth of footage.

Tools Needed to Install a Wireless Video Surveillance System:

a drill
a pencil for marking your drill spots
a screwdriver
a ladder
a small wrench for tightening cable ends

Before you start installing your VSS though, you'll want to make sure you thought through where to put your cameras and equipment. Draw a diagram of the area you want to cover whether it be indoors or outdoors. Figure out where you can put your cameras where they will be most effective. Remember to read the documentation that came with your cameras. 

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