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WA400 - Wireless Burglar Alarm System  


The Home Sentinel Wireless Burglar Alarm is easily installed at a fraction of the cost of most other alarms. With Home Sentinel there is no monitoring contract, because the system calls directly for help when itís needed. The unique Emergency Messaging Response System (EMRS) dials six telephone numbers and delivers your personalized emergency voice message.
This alarm also includes all the important protection features found on professionally installed systems. For example, there are 14 protection zones to separate the home into areas that require different types of protection. The Home Sentinel WA 400 combines the most commonly needed sensors into one kit for convenience, and extra sensors can be added to suit particular needs.
As security requirements change, its easy to expand a Home Sentinel Burglar Alarm... so thereís no built-in obsolescence!



  • Control panel features full function keypad and LCD display to show the alarm system status at a glance

  • Emergency Phone Message Alert dials 6 numbers that you select

  •  14 zones allow unlimited expansion with additional wireless sensors

  • Easy ďpeel nístikĒ ins tallation of wireless motion and door/window sensors

  • Compact door/window sensor uses dependable magnetic contacts

  • Motion sensor uses reliable infrared movement detection to protect an area up to 35' long by 84 degrees wide

  • Arm and disarm system with the remote control or by the keypad

  • Powerful external siren deters intruders when alarm is activated
  • Anti-tamper switch prevents unauthorized activity
  • Low battery warning is reported and displayed from each sensor
  • User defined PIN and digital encoding of each system for greater security
  • Burglary, fire and medical panic modes immediately activates the Emergency Phone Message Alert
  • Home arming provides perimeter sensor protection
  • Adjustable alarm siren duration
  • 60 second exit delay and 30 second entrance delay

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