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Home Automation Costs

Wondering how much it costs to install a home automation system in your house? As with most things, it depends on what you want. Here's a rough break down:

Basic System (Approximately $5,000)


  • PC-based control software such as HomeSeer or ActiveHome Pro
  • Lighting Control for one/two rooms
  • Control of heating/cooling thermostats
  • Wiring

Simple Add-Ons (Approximately $10,000)

  • Lighting control for more or all rooms
  • Touch screens or keypads for additional control
  • Security system control
  • Kitchen appliance control

More Add-Ons (Approximately $25,000)

  • Total control and integration over all home-automation systems in the house
  • Centralized audio system that can play music throughout the house from a single system. Speakers are often hidden in the walls, and touch screens or other controllers can be accessible from multiple rooms

Complete System with all Add-Ons ($50,000)

  • A communications system that can handle phone lines and multiple voice mail boxes.
  • Distributed audio/video
  • Control of home theater system at the touch of a button
  • Complete video surveillance security system
  • Timed Spinklers, remote hot tub control, basement flood sensors, remote lock/unlock of doors and gates

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