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Home Security Your Guide to Protecting Your Family Review

Home Security Your Guide to Protecting Your Family (let's just call it Home Security) is a book put out by Better Homes & Gardens. It's on the short side, 80 pages including the index, and runs $12.95. To be fair, they're large pages, probably 9" x 12", full of colorful how to illustrations.

Home Security is divided into two sections: Home Security Basics and Strategies for Safety and Security. Both sections cover a wide variety of topics. Here are just a few:

  • Outdoor security including fences and lighting
  • Entryways including locks and reinforced doors
  • Securing your garage
  • Securing windows, section that details available locks for different types of windows as well as glass alternatives
  • Various types of home security alarm systems
  • Fire and electrical safety, including smoke detector and fire extinguisher usage information
  • Home security options for apartments and condominiums
  • Homeowner's insurance

The book is a fairly quick read and does contain a lot of useful information despite not being very hefty. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Home Security probably contains more information for your money but the colorful diagrams and step-by-step processes outlined in Home Security Your Guide to Protecting Your Family make it particularly user-friendly, especially for the potential do-it-yourselfer.

I do believe the book is worth the money, but it's easily readable in a couple of hours, so you might want to see if your library has a copy.

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