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Garage Home Security Tips  

Garage Home Security TipsIf the garage is attached, does the overhead door have an outside keyway? The most secure garage lock is one which is applied inside and has no outside keyway.

 Garage door openers are vulnerable to manipulation with electronic devices; if the overhead door is opener-equipped, is it a current technology system with multi-channel (owner-selectable) coding? Can it conveniently be turned off for vacations? If not it can always be unplugged. If it is an existing system, make certain the previous owner has not installed an outside button for convenience; if there is one, disconnect it.

If there is a side door to the garage, is it a solid-core wood or metal door? Is it equipped with a deadbolt lock with an inside keyway (to prevent operation from the outside)? If you are building a home, consider putting in a garage side door without windows, and use better illumination. Garage side doors are often outside the fence line, and anyone can look into the garage and know there is no one home if there is no vehicle inside.

Is the door between the garage and the house a solid-core wood or metal door? Deadbolt? Open inward (or have pinned or non-removable pin hinges)? If the attic access is in the garage, is it equipped with a lock?

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