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Fingerprint Door Lock Information

You've seen those snazzy fingerprint activated locks on TV, and you're wondering if you can get one for your front door. The short answer is yes. The main advantage to a fingerprint door lock system is convenience. No more rummaging through your purse or pockets for your keys. Most of these systems are battery powered. (They come with low-battery indicators so you know when it's time to change them.) They are also a good choice for home security as it ensures peace of mind if you lose your keys (no would-be thief can snag them and get into your house). If you lose your finger... well, you have other issues to worry about then. 

Prices will vary depending on manufacturer, but you can get a system for one door for under $400. Here are examples of a couple of manufacturers who make residential fingerprint door locks:

21st Century Locks

These guys offer the "FingerLock," a battery-powered fingerprint door lock reader that can hold up to 50 fingerprint profiles in its memory. Price? Starts at about $380.

ArrowVision Technologies

The Shepherd 210 is powered by AA batteries and fits into the lock cavity or your standard deadbolt. It, too, can hold 50 fingerprints.

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