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When considering where to build or buy a home, consider contacting the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to ask what the crime history is for that neighborhood. Most agencies tabulate crime by geographic area (called districts, zones, sectors, sections, or something similar), and should be able to provide this data as public information.

Drive through the area to assess general conditions. Are the potential neighbors owners themselves, or are the owners predominantly absentee and the occupants primarily renters? While renters are not negative neighbors in any way, owners just naturally have a more intense interest in maintaining their own property in prime condition, and will tend to be more involved in neighborhood affairs.

Is the area generally clean? Graffiti-free? Homes in good repair? Don't forget to check during hours of darkness to assess street lighting, area lighting, and the lighting on and around your residence. Are street locator signs in place at intersections as you approach? Are street addresses prominently displayed on all (or most) of the residences?

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